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Radianz Quartz Surfaces

Because of its high quartz content, Radianz Quartz Surfaces are ultra-durable
and resistant to scratches and chipping.

Radianz Quartz Surfaces are ideal for kitchen countertops and other high-use
surfaces in the home as well as commercial interior uses where longlasting
durability is important.

Radianz Quartz Surfaces are a great solution for horizontal and vertical applications,
in residential and commercial environments.

This innovative, high performance, decorative quartz surface is available to industry, architects and designers in thicknesses of 12mm, 20mm and 30 mm, with slab sizes of 1400mm x 3000mm and 1520mmx 3100mm readily available.

Our range of colours and aestheticsĀ  will be able to meet a wide variety of
stylistic needs.

For more information on Radianz Quartz Surfaces, please click here.

Samsung Radianz, Quartz Surfaces Engineered Stone

For further information on the strength and resilience of Radianz Quartz Surfaces, please click here.

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Samsung Radianz : Commercial & Residential Applications
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